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"I never dreamed yoga would be something my ninja loving, tree climbing, super active boy would enjoy.  But he has been a part of Yoga Bears for almost 2 years now and he absolutely loves it.  He comes home after class each time just beaming about what they did, and he practices all of his yoga moves at home.  Like many kids, he suffers from anxiety.  Yoga has helped him cope, not just on the days he takes the class, but when he is at home and feeling anxious, I’ll catch him practicing the techniques he learned at Yoga Bears.  I can’t imagine the last 2 years without it!"

Ms. Mix

"Mrs. Tackett has a way with the kids and delivers a yoga routine they will remember forever. Her technique is soothing for the youngins and helps them build character. We love Mrs. Tackett and you will too."

The Pfluegers

"Our kids love yoga with Mrs. Tackett.  It has helped them learn breathing techniques for calming, and I like that it’s teaching them healthy habits."

From Claire, “She always has fun activities!”

The Mohns

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